user-centered, beautiful design

The cure
for the universal school website!

Design is not decoration. It's a craft that brings the ideas to life, and the driving force behind decisions that affect user experience.

A spark of design is fueled by a fire inside

Design that delights users and promotes your mission.

Beautiful, responsive websites that are as attractive as they are functional and informative. A website that supports and enhances your marketing, outreach, and development efforts.

Our process is a team activity!

We collaborate with you from discovery to launch (and beyond)
to create a website that engages your audience.

Everything we build and design is informed by a laser-focused process
for your one-of-a-kind project.

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& Define

Website Questionnaire, Conversations, Roadmap

We begin with conversations to get to know your school, understand your goals, target audiences, and the special details to build a website uniquely yours.

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Plan, Prototype
& Design

sitemap, wireframes,

Sketching, wireframes and everything in-between allows us to concept our ideas into simple, straightforward designs.

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& Test

development, content,
testing all features

Responsive design that ensures users can interact with your website regardless of their device or browser.

To guarantee success, the final process involves thorough and rigorous testing with actual users.

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& Support

training, go live,

We teach you how to navigate your website and use the tools such as calendars, forms, and social media tools. Our post‑launch support is guaranteed.

Fireworks is a digital agency, located in Atlanta, focused on designing, building, and supporting schools' that use WordPress.

peace of mind

We handle your website, you handle capturing what makes your school special.

Many schools have limited resources, and keeping your website maintained and with fresh content can take up a lot of your time. That’s why we’re here to support and give schools a helping hand.

Our real humans take care of backups, content edits, fine-tuning, security monitoring, and updates that keep your school’s site running smoothly.

Save yourself time and your school money with our stress-free maintenance and support plans.

Robust WordPress maintenance and support for any school—all in one place.


From adding or editing content like blog posts, editing menus and widgets, installing and activating plugins, and much more, we take care of it (tasks under 30 minutes to complete).


We'll make sure your website is always safe and secure with daily scans and an array of other proactive measures.


WordPress core and plugin updates as they become available. Our innovative validator ensures that updates won't have a negative effect on your site.


Our offsite backups make sure your site will be up and running before anyone even noticed it was down.

Top Benefits

Awesome partner

Our team is here to support you and your team! And we’re available via email 24/7. Additionally, The Academy, which includes articles and videos for learning more about digital marketing and WordPress to improve your own skills.

Built for schools

We only work with schools and have tailored our services  specifically to meet schools’ WordPress needs.

Affordable pricing

Our goal is to help schools get the most from WordPress at an affordable price while making a profit for our employees and company. Simple, and fair.

No long-term contacts or hidden fees

Many tell us they learn a lot from watching us ‘do our thing’, and we’re transparent in showing behind the scenes of our business.

Save time

Your most precious asset is your time. Fireworks is dedicated to helping you use it well, and giving you more hours for what you’re passionate about. 

WordPress platform

The platform that runs over 30% of all websites, WordPress (content management system and plugins) allows you to control of your pages, text, photos, navigation, calendars, events, podcasts, blogs, and much more.

Provide peace of mind

Schools administrators have plenty to worry about, so let us remove the stress and worry from handling your website needs. Achieve complete peace of mind in the knowledge that every part of your website will be cared for 24/7. We take care of backups, content, security monitoring, and updates that keep your school’s site running smoothly.

Fresh & current content

As you update your website by adding fresh content and monitoring analytics, the website will continuously grow and be up to date. Not only will you see an increase in organic website traffic, but your visitors will know that your website is a great source of current information and that you are an active, helpful school which improves the chances of converting website visitors into a best-fit family.

Improve performance & security

The performance, uptime, and load time of your website all depends on just how often you update the software and plugins of WordPress. Our website care plans extensive features will ensure that all of your plugins and software are regularly updated so that you are not susceptible to hacking or malicious attacks.

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